How to Shop for the Cigar Aficionado in Your Life This Holiday

News & VIP Corner

How to Shop for the Cigar Aficionado in Your Life This Holiday

News & VIP Corner

How to Shop for the Cigar Aficionado in Your Life This Holiday

News & VIP Corner

Shopping for a cigar aficionado is unlike shopping for anyone else. An aficionado already knows their cigars, what their tastes are and they may even be “married” to a particular brand or type.

Needless to say, this is one of the trickiest things that you can do for a true aficionado, but don’t give up hope. Here are a few suggestions on what may work for any cigar lover.


The best way to give actual cigars to a bonafide cigar lover is to get them an assortment gift pack. This opens up a world in which they might never have known, and has the potential to expand their taste buds.

Gift packs come in several different ways, and you’ll have to choose which one. For example, a specific manufacturer may highlight all of the many different cigars that they make, and if you know the name brand your cigar lover smokes, a gift pack by that same brand would be a good choice.

On the other hand, a gift pack that features different cigars from all around the world might be a lot more fun. The chances are greater that your cigar smoker may never have tried some or all of them, and that might be the best gift of them all.


Every cigar smoker should have a humidor, and humidors come in a design much like a plain box, to a chest or cabinet like humidor with an automatic humidifier.

If your cigar smoker keeps only a handful of cigars on hand, a relatively plain humidor will do the trick. If they keep hundreds of cigars around, then a larger cabinet or multi-level humidor would be a well received gift.


Of course, what would cigar smoking be without accessories. From ash trays to cigar carrier pouches, lighters to tip cutters, the amount of cigar smoking accessories are nearly unlimited.

However, if you want to concentrate on just one accessory, well, every cigar smoker needs a good lighter that lights flawlessly every time.

Remember, a cigar aficionado doesn’t necessarily mean that a person always smokes the best cigars all of the time. It just means they enjoy a good cigar smoking experience whenever they light up. Which is why any choice you make as a gift for a cigar lover will increase the pleasure of every cigar being smoked.


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