Best Type of Cigar for Every Season

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Best Type of Cigar for Every Season

News & VIP Corner

Best Type of Cigar for Every Season

News & VIP Corner

Which cigar you purchase is just as important as when it is purchased. Each season has a character that your cigar can embrace.


As the leaves change we all know that the days are growing shorter. Fall, as enjoyable as it can be, is often defined as the quiet before the storm. Fall is our last hurrah before the onset of winter, so now is the time to go bold with your flavors. Embrace the changing of the seasons and the briskness in the air with cigars that are darker, slow burning with big bold flavors. A strong cigar is just the cure you need to forget that winter is coming.


After the novelty of the first snow fades, the harshness of winter sets in. You are trapped indoors; time (or a ticket to Florida) is the only way to escape. You will want to light up with a cigar that is both big flavored and light smoke. You no longer have the convenience of the open air so now is the time to be mindful of the smoke. You don’t want to be enveloped by the smoke and reminded that you are trapped indoors. A winter cigar is about escape.


Spring is characterized by the shrugging off of winter and a return to outdoors activity. You have spent the last four months hibernating and are now craving an escape. You need to walk, to hike and to bike. Spring is the reawakening of life and your cigar should match that attitude.

A good spring cigar should have a shorter stem and be faster burning to facilitate your golf swing. Look for cigars that are lighter with citrus notes to encapsulate spring. It is springtime and you don’t want to be held down by your cigar.


The novelty of spring has worn off; the days are longer, hotter and muggier. It’s too hot to go biking but you can’t stomach another month of running the A.C.

To counteract the overwhelming heat and short days, enjoy your nights for all they are worth. Select a cigar that is slow-burning with a long stem. These are the cigars to have after a fine meal paired with a light drink. You want a cigar that has a lighter profile to enjoy on a rooftop, on your patio or on a beach. Grab a cigar you can relax with.



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