Thoughts on Pairing Cigars and Food

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Thoughts on Pairing Cigars and Food

News & VIP Corner

Thoughts on Pairing Cigars and Food

News & VIP Corner

While some prefer cigars as a post-meal luxury to compliment the taste left on their palate, others pair cigars with their meal and enjoy both smoking and eating at the same time. If you’re interested in pairing cigars with food, consider these tips:

3 Plus 1

There are three basis types of cigars, and we are talking the basics here. You have EMS or natural, maduro or oscuro, and candela. The plus 1 are the flavored cigars which are a category all their own. So let’s take each cigar and pair them¬†with the type of food that would be most complimentary.


This type of cigar is like the rose’ of wine; it works in combinations across the culinary board. You can choose a natural cigar, a pantela, for a short lunch or a Churchill for a good long satisfying dinner, and tempt your taste buds with any type of food.


If you like your meat and potatoes, go for the bold and full-bodied taste of the maduro. T-bone steaks, pork ribs, filet mignon, rich foods call for a rich cigar. Go to the next level and try an oscuro with lamb or duck. The rich and hearty taste of both your meal and a maduro will be tough to beat.


The light, sweet and breezy taste of a candela should compliment any salad, particularly those with some poultry added, like a Caesar. Dressings from Italian to bleu cheese would all pair well with candela. salad with

Flavored Cigars

It goes without saying that these dessert-like cigars go perfectly with desserts of all kinds. Vanilla ice cream works with a vanilla-flavored cigar, and conversely, chocolate mousse would be perfect with a chocolate-flavored cigar.

For cherry pie, try a cherry-flavored cigar. Try a rum-flavored cigar could go good with custard, and spiced cigars would be dandy for holiday nogs.

No Set Rule

Since there is really no set rule here, let your taste buds do the talking. Try different cigars with different meals, experiment, and when you find a combination you like, you’ll be able to fuse two different delectable tastes into the same experience.


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