Cigars & Leisure Interview with Alec Bradley’s Alan Rubin

by | Sep 21, 2016

Cigars & Leisure recently published an interview with Alan Rubin, president of Alec Bradley, in which Rubin spoke about his advice for cigar smokers, his brand’s collaboration with Glenfiddich, and the future of Alec Bradley.

Here’s a quote from Rubin that encapsulates the cigar-smoking experience:

“I think what people don’t realize who aren’t cigar smokers is that there’s so many wonderful things that come out of that hour of time that you’re just there. You’re not focused on anything, you’re just in that moment, and I think that’s what cigars truly provide: an opportunity to be in that moment, whether you’re by yourself or with friends, you know you’re not going anywhere for an hour. You just sit back and relax, and I think there’s a benefit to that.”

Read the entire interview on the Cigars & Leisure website.


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