What’s Your Cigar Profile: Mild, Medium or Full?

News & VIP Corner

What’s Your Cigar Profile: Mild, Medium or Full?

News & VIP Corner

What’s Your Cigar Profile: Mild, Medium or Full?

News & VIP Corner

If you are new to cigars, you may be wondering where to begin. Cigars come in a wide variety of flavor profiles all with differing properties.

Most cigar connoisseurs use the words mild, medium and full to describe the body of each cigar in comparison to others. The term ‘body’ refers to the intensity of the flavor that each cigar offers and is subject to change based on the the type of cigar, the age and other factors.


Most new cigar smokers will want to start with a more mild bodied selection. Mild cigars will have a lighter taste and are typically described as fresh, woodsy and nutty.

Since cigars in the mild category are less expensive than their fuller counterparts, new smokers can experience with a wide variety of flavor profiles and find the mix that best suits their tastes. There are also many sampler packs available to give new smokers a selection to choose from.


Medium cigars tend to be more for the experienced smoker who has established a feel for the flavors they like. A medium profile will be a little more apparent to the palette without being overwhelming. Many experienced cigar smokers still prefer to smoke medium profile cigars because they mix well with any situation and are still relatively budget friendly.


Full cigars are usually reserved for the longterm cigar smoker. The flavors of a full cigar are strong and usually made up of a more complex variety of ingredients. The tobacco flavor may also be more abrupt in full cigars, where it is more carefully hidden in lighter cigars. These cigars are typically more expensive for high quality and may be reserved for special occasions.

Overall, the type of cigars you choose will probably be determined by how much experience you have with smoking, and the types of flavors you like to experience.

Each type of cigar is well suited to be paired with specific drinks or foods, or even matched to a specific budget. Ask us for help in determining which cigars will be the best fit for you, and we will make expert recommendations to get you started!


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