Why Are Tobacco Companies Banned from Donating Cigars to Troops?

by | Nov 16, 2016

One of the most time honored traditions throughout the history of the military has been the donation of cigars to our fighting troops. This may have begun when Civil War General Ulysses S. Grant mentioned to a field reporter covering the war that he liked cigars. Once this was published, civilians began sending him cases of cigars with each victory.

From Grant to the present time, American troops have always had access to donated tobacco products, and cigars were always at the top of their list. It was a way for cigar companies to show appreciation for a job well done, while showcasing popular brands, and some of the fondest memories from service personnel are those that involve puffing on a stogie after a day out in the field.

New FDA Regulations and How You can Help

In August of 2016, the FDA banned tobacco companies from sending free cigars to the troops. The ban has been controversial as many wish to afford our troops this honor and delicacy while in the field.

Personal donations are exempt from this ban. Any private citizen can send cigars. A non-profit organization called Cigars for Warriors collects cigars in locations in several states. You can log onto their site, and enter your zipcode to find the nearest donation center.  If you are in the military,  provide your complete military mailing address on the site to sign up to receive donations.

Show your support and thanks to our troops by sending donations.  Your donation can help bridge a gap that this new regulation may have left behind.


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