Create a Stable Environment for Cigar Storage with the HumiFan

by | Jun 10, 2016

For many of you who attended the Southern Cigar Festival, you likely went home ready to fill your humidor with bags full of high-quality cigars that you picked up during the three-day cigar party. 

But have you stopped to think about what’s actually going on inside your humidor? Well, the good folks at XIKAR think about it all the time. What they’ve discovered is when the humidor is closed, humidity levels rise and settle near the top. Obviously, this is not a good thing to have happen for your precious sticks. XIKAR’S fix? The HumiFan.

The HumiFan is a humidor air circulator that provides intermittent air circulation to prevent stagnant conditions inside a humidor. This redistribution of air, occurring every 15 minutes for 15 seconds, diffuses inconsistent humidity levels, providing a more stable environment for cigar storage. The HumiFan is pre-programmed to simplify your cigar regulation process, and the compact size of the battery-powered unit maximizes your cigar storage capacity.

The best news of all is that we now have The HumiFan here at Cutters! Stop by today and check it out!


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